Opening Exhibition

Sat Oct 23rd, 2021

7-9 pm

15605 Woodrow Wilson St Detroit, MI 48238

"Truths to be Felt"

A solo exhibition featuring three-piece set of massive muses by Steven Castillo.

Steven, a Salvadorian native, has been living in Detroit for over two months creating these larger than life pieces. Equipped with the power of ancient wisdoms, the talents of forgotten masters, and the passion to bring life to each brushstroke, the stopping of time can truly be felt by those lucky enough to view these giant creations. The combination of acrylic pouring and dynamic color placement, truly causes the spectator to question whether they are looking at ancient marble or have suddenly woken up in some one else's piece of reality.

The exhibition opens to the public on October 23rd and will be on view weekly through November 27th by appointment.